How To Create a Brand That Tells Your Story in Three Simple Steps

Shannon and I began our Wedding Planning business over four years ago. We knew as we launched our business we wanted to get it right the first time. We researched how to start a business,  what it would take to become wedding planners, and how to launch a website. As we launched our company, we knew we didn’t want to just create a business. We wanted to create a brand that told our story. A brand that could grow with us, no matter where our business took us.


What is a Brand?

A brand is defined as a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.

We like to think of a brand as your trademark. A brand leaves a lasting impression on your clients and that’s why it is key to have. Your company may take you in different directions over the years, but your brand will last forever.


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How to create a brand that tells your story?

When a client lands on your website, you have eight seconds to grab their attention. Within those eight seconds, they’ll decide whether or not they connect with you and your brand. When creating your brand do not create something that is trendy, what you’d expect to see on Pinterest or what everyone else is doing. Create a brand that tells your story and captures your client’s attention within the eight seconds.

circle christian school; homeschool; branding; private school


Write your mission statement. What are your company’s values? Ask yourself, “Why does my business exist?” This will help you build the foundation of your brand. By creating a mission statement, you’re allowing yourself to draw up the meaning of your brand and how you’ll be able to tell your story through it. There’s a reason why you were lead to creating this business in the first place. Allow that truth shine through your brand and speak to your clients.

Recently, we captured Circle Christian School’s brand alongside Josh and Rachel.  While going through their gallery, three words came to mind: Fun, Inclusive, Diverse. As a mother who recently decided to homeschool her eldest, these were the key values I was looking for. During my first tour at Circle Christian School, I knew my son would feel right at home. I knew he would enjoy going to school, feel confident in his learning and fit right in. While brainstorming for their branding photoshoot, we knew we wanted to capture their mission statement through the students’ laughter, teamwork, and togetherness. We wanted those three values to shine through their smiles, eagerness to learn and through the closeness of their friendships.


circle christian school; homeschool; branding; private schoolcircle christian school; homeschool; branding; private school

circle christian school; homeschool; branding; private school


Think about how you want your clients to feel within those eight seconds of landing on your website. Do you want them to read your brand as “cute,” “sophisticated,” “bold,” or “moody?” Do you want them to relate on an emotional level or feel motivated instantly? Maybe your end goal is to leave a “soft and inviting” impression. Either way, as long as it is true to your story, it’ll be true to you. Quiz friends and family members and ask them to review your website and/or logo and ask them how it makes them feel. Once you hear their response you’ll instantly know if you’re moving in the right direction or not.

circle christian school; homeschool; branding; private school


Share your story. A connection is key when it comes to leaving a lasting impression. When you dive into creating content, create content that matters. I remember a season when all you’d see was “Hustle” spread across all social media outlets. Not a single person was trying to connect with their followers and was so focused on showing the masses they were working – constantly. And then we saw a shift happen. I believe it was pure exhaustion that kicked in and everyone realized their relationships were failing. Instead of connecting with the few that mattered, they were trying to “prove” themselves to the masses. Create content and a brand that connects with others by simply telling your story openly. Others want to hear it, most need to hear it and believe us when we say, you need to be telling it.

circle christian school; homeschool; branding; private school


All in all, create something that will grow with you and stays true to you and your story. Get out there and start connecting with your people. Trust us, a brand that tells a story is one they’ll remember and it’ll keep them coming back for more.


Branding + Styling: The Busy Bee Events & Design

Photos Captured by: Josh & Rachel


Looking to refine your brand or create a new brand all together?! Let us help you & capture your story today!

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