Where to Find Inspiration For a Mood Board

It’s #moodboardmonday and we’ve been sharing why mood boards are important and even walked you though the steps to creating a mood board, and today, we want to spend some time focusing on where to find inspiration for a mood board.

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When designing a mood board, pull inspiration that speaks to you. We tend not to get too literal when designing them. Think outside the box while pulling inspiration. You may be designing a wedding mood board but that doesn’t mean everything needs to be wedding related. The same rule goes for branding mood boards. If your company sells homemade candles, you can use color stories, paint chips, fabric swatches, and room inspiration. Think about how the images all tie into each other to portray an overall lasting emotion or impression.

We create mood boards for both our wedding and branding clients and we always start with a color palette. Think textures, paint splotches, patterns, fabric, etc. The list goes on. Visit your local fabric store and purchase swatch samples and use thumb tacks to layer them on top of paint splotches you printed from Pinterest.


Layers help bring your mood board to life. Think about all those ribbons you’ve been collecting from the Target One Spot or purchase a set of velvet ribbons to tie in your favorite color scheme. You can never have too many layers when creating a mood board.

And finally, while we love using clippings from our favorite magazines such as HGTV Magazine, we encourage you to look around your own space and pull inspiration from there. Truth is, you surround yourself with what YOU love so why wouldn’t that tie in perfectly with your design? Focus on what is true to you! Grab your iPhone or favorite camera, and look at your home or office through the lens. Take photos of your favorite spots that surround you, brighten with an app or Lightroom and print.  You’ll be surprised to see what you’ll find!


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Photos: Josh & Rachel

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